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Jet-printed active-matrix backplanes and electrophoretic displays


The fabrication of large-area electronics such as for backplanes in displays is becoming increasingly challenging. This is particularly true for novel applications such as electronic paper where low-cost and flexibility are essential. We have developed jet-printing technology to fabricate active-matrix backplanes for paper-like electrophoretic displays. In three approaches we implement increasing degrees of the printing technology. First, the photolithographic patterning of photoresist is replaced by digital printing of a wax etch mask. Second, the amorphous silicon semiconductor for the thin film transistors is replaced with a printed organic semiconductor. Third, the backplane is fabricated in an all-additive printing process. In order to test our backplanes we are developing electrophoretic display media. The media is based on microfabricated cell-structures which contain the electrophoretic ink. Particularly for flexible displays, the cells have to be individually sealed and several methods are being explored.


Daniel, J. H. ; Arias, A. C. ; Wong, W. S. ; Lujan, R. A. ; Krusor, B. S. ; Chopra, N.; Kazmaier, P. M.; Iftime, G.; Street, R. A. Jet-printed active-matrix backplanes and electrophoretic displays. 13th International Workshop on Active-Matrix Flatpanel Displays and Devices; 2006 July 5-7; Tokyo; JP.