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Fluorescence spectrometer-on-a-fluidic-chip


A chip-size spectrometer is realized by combining a linear variable band-pass filter with a CMOS camera. The filter converts the spectral information of the incident light into a spatially dependent signal that is analyzed by the camera. A fluidic platform is integrated onto the spectrometer for analyzing the fluorescence from moving objects. The target is continuously excited within an anti-resonant waveguide, and its fluorescence spectrum is recorded as the object traverses the detection area. (DOI:10.1039/B618879F)


Schmidt, O. ; Bassler, M. ; Kiesel, P. ; Knollenberg, C. ; Johnson, N. M. Fluorescence spectrometer-on-a-fluidic-chip. Lab on a Chip; 2007 May; 7 (5): 626-629.