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Games: the killer app for pen computing?


Because of the lack of compelling applications, relatively few people are attracted to pen computing hardware. And without sufficient hardware adoption rates, few application vendors are investing heavily in applications that take full advantantage of the drawing, writing, and direct manpulation affordances of the electronic stylus on a screen. The question arises, 'What will be the killer app for pen computing?' One possible answer is, a hit game. Poker, Monopoly, Scrabble, Pong, Pictionary, Tetris, Rubik's Cube, the Sims, were (are) all phenomena in their time. The Playstation, XBox, and Gamecube prove that games drag specialized and expensive hardware. Games can come from out of the blue to strike it big. New platforms are rare opportunities. This talk will discuss the new possibilities that pen computing offers for games, and suggest criteria that must be met to create a 'killer app' game compelling enough to drive adoption of pen computing hardware so that all the rest of our neat applications will have a place to go. I will demonstrate a few example games that may be cute but are not good enough. The audience will be challenged to do better.


Saund, E. Games: the killer app for pen computing? Keynote at the Eurographics Workshop on Sketch Based Interaction and Modeling; 2006 September 3-4; Vienna; Austria.