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Medical sensemaking with entity workspace


Knowledge workers making sense of a topic may divide their time among a number of activities including searching for information, reading, taking notes, and organizing notes. We have built a software system intended to accelerate all four of these sub-tasks. To test its effectiveness, we conducted an experiment where subjects used it to perform a question-answering task. In this paper, we describe our system and the experiment. Initial experimental results indicate that subjects were able to take advantage of the new system, but that the nature of this use depended to large extent on the subject's overall question answering strategy. Two dominant strategies emerged that we call the Reader Strategy and the Searcher Strategy.


Billman, D. O. ; Bier, E. A. Medical sensemaking with entity workspace. Proceedings of the 25th Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2007); 2007 April 28 - May 3; San Jose; CA; USA. NY: ACM: 2007; 229-232.