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Digital lithographic processing for large-area electronics


A non-contact, jet printed mask patterning process is described. By combining digital imaging with jet printing, digital lithography was used to pattern a-Si:H-based electronics on glass and plastic substrates in place of conventional photolithography. This digital lithographic process is capable of layer-to-layer registration of ¡Ó5 ƒÝm using electronic mask files that are directly jet printed onto a surface. A minimum feature size of 50 ƒÝm was used to create 180¡Ñ180 element backplanes having 75 dpi resolution for display and image sensor applications. By using a secondary mask process, the minimum feature size can be reduced down to ~ 15 ƒÝm for fabrication of short-channel thin-film transistors. The same process was also used to pattern black-matrix wells in fabricating color filter top plates in LCD panels.


Wong, W. S. ; Chabinyc, M. ; Limb, S. ; Ready, S. E. ; Lujan, R. A. ; Daniel, J. H. ; Street, R. A. Digital lithographic processing for large-area electronics. Journal of the Society for Information Display. 2007 July; 15 (7): 463-470.