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Non-interactive key establishment in wireless mesh networks


Symmetric cryptographic primitives are preferable in designing security protocols for wireless mesh networks (WMNs) because they are computationally affordable for resource-constrained mobile devices forming a WMN. Most proposed key-establishment schemes for symmetric cryptosystem assume services from a centralized authority (either on-line or off-line), or involve the interaction between communicating parties. However, requiring access to a centralized authority, or ensuring that correct routing be established before the key agreement is done, is difficult to attain in wireless networks. We present a new non-interactive key agreement and progression (NIKAP) scheme for wireless networks, which does not require an on-line centralized authority, can establish and update pairwise shared keys between any two nodes in a non-interactive manner, is configurable to operate synchronously (S-NIKAP) or asynchronously (A-NIKAP), and has the ability to provide differentiated security services w.r.t. the given security policies. As the name implies, NIKAP is especially valuable to scenarios in which shared secret keys are desired to be computed without negotiation between mobile nodes over insecure channels, and also need to be updated frequently. As an application example, we present the ad-hoc on-demand secure routing (AOSR) protocol based on NIKAP to secure the signaling of on-demand ad hoc routing, which exploits pairwise keys between pairs of nodes and hash values keyed with them to verify the validity of the path discovered. Analysis and simulation results show that AOSR has low communication overhead caused by the key establishment process due to the use of NIKAP, effectively detects or thwarts a wide range of attacks to on-demand ad-hoc routing, and is able to maintain a high packet-delivery ratio, even when a considerable percentage of nodes are compromised.


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