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On the link ergodic capacity of MIMO MANETs using cooperation


We compute the capacity of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) when all the nodes in the network are endowed with $M$ antennas. The derivation is based on a new communication scheme for wireless ad hoc networks utilizing the concept of cooperative many-to-many communication, called opportunistic cooperation, as opposed to the traditional approach that emphasizes on one-to-one communication. We demonstrate that the capacity of MANETs with multiple antennas is improved using cooperation as compared to non-cooperative schemes, i.e., point-to-point communication. Monte-Carlo simulation is used to validate the results.


de Moraes, R. M.; Sadjadpour, H.; Garcia-Luna-Aceves, J. J. On the link ergodic capacity of MIMO MANETs using cooperation. IEEE Asilomar 2006 Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers; 2006 October 29 - November 1; Asilomar, CA.