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Utility-driven information dissemination in VANETS


We present an approach to managing vehicle networking resources for diverse data traffic types, such as safety, traffic, and commercial. Our approach uses utility descriptions for data delivery, supplied for each type of data. These utility descriptions are reduced to simpler and more compact representations of utility, called "microutilities," that travel with the data, and guide critical resource decisions in transit: dropping data, sending data via infrastructure, and storing and forwarding data. Our system dynamically adjusts the quality of service in the network, allowing diverse data traffic, some of high priority, to safely and efficiently share networking resources.


Greene, D. H. ; Liu, J. J. ; Mosko, M. ; Reich, J. E. ; Hirokawa, Y.; Mikami, T.; Takebayashi, T. Utility-driven information dissemination in VANETS. 14th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems; 2007 October 9-13; Beijing; China.