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Fluorescence spectroscopy on moving particles


An optical lab-on-a-chip system is presented that enables fluorescence spectroscopy on moving biological particles. Our compact pathogen detection platform combines a fluidic channel with a chip-size, distributed spectrometer that is optimized to record fluorescence spectra from moving analytes. Large-volume, continuous fluorescence excitation is achieved by incorporating the fluidic channel into an anti-resonance waveguide that accommodates either laser diodes or LEDs. Simultaneously monitoring total intensity and spectrally-resolved emission yields accurate spectra for pathogen discrimination.


Schmidt, O. ; Bassler, M. ; Kiesel, P. ; Johnson, N. M. Fluorescence spectroscopy on moving particles. Invited talk at Max Planck Research Group, Institute of Optics, Information and Photonics; 2007 March 1; Erlangen, Germany.