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Precision-focused textual inference


This paper describes our system as used in the RTE3 task. The system maps text and hypothesis into an abstract knowledge representation (AKR) and then performs entailment and contradiction detection (ECD) between the resulting AKRs. Two versions of ECD were used in RTE3, one with strict, linguistically-based ECD and one with looser ECD.


Bobrow, D. G. ; Condoravdi, C. ; Crouch, R. S. ; de Paiva, V. ; Karttunen, L. ; King, T. H. ; Nairn, R. ; Price, L. ; Zaenen, A. Precision-focused textual inference. ACL-PASCAL Workshop on Textual Entailment and Paraphrasing; 2007 June 28-29; Prague; Czech Republic.