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Enhancing legal discovery with linguistic processing


The U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have greatly increased the importance of understanding the content within very large collections of electronically stored information. Traditional search methods using full-text indexing and Boolean keyword queries are often inadequate for e-discovery. They typically return too many results (low precision) or require tightly defined queries that miss critical documents (low recall.) Linguistic processing offers a solution to increase both the precision and recall of e-discovery applications. We discuss four issues in legal discovery that can be enhanced with linguistic processing: improving recall for characterization, improving precision for search, protection of sensitive information, and scalability.

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Bobrow, D. G. ; King, T. H. ; Lee, L. Enhancing legal discovery with linguistic processing. Eleventh International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Law (ICAIL 2007); 2007 June 4 - 8; Stanford; CA; USA.


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