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Enthalpy array analysis of enzymatic and binding reactions


Enthalpy arrays enable label-free, solution-based calorimetric detection of molecular interactions in a 96-detector array format. The combination of the small size of the detectors and ability to perform measurements in parallel results in a significant reduction of sample volume and measurement time compared with conventional calorimetry. We have made significant improvements in the technology by reducing the temperature noise of the detectors and increasing the detector yield. In combination with an automated measurement system, the advances in device performance and data analysis have allowed us to develop basic enzyme assays for substrate specificity and inhibitor activity, as well as perform a full titration of 18-crown-6 with barium chloride. Future applications for enthalpy array technology in drug discovery include fragment-based screening, secondary assays, and thermodynamic characterization of leads.


Recht, M. I. ; De Bruyker, D. ; Bell, A. G. ; Wolkin, M. V. ; Peeters, E. ; Anderson, G. B. ; Kolatkar, A. R.; Bern, M. W. ; Kuhn, P.; Bruce, R. H. ; Torres, F. Enthalpy array analysis of enzymatic and binding reactions. Analytical Biochemistry. 2008 June 1; 377 (1): 33-39.