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Testable commitments


A key challenge in litigation is verifying that all

relevant case content has been produced. Adding to the challenge is

the fact that litigating parties are both bound to produce relevant

documents and bound to protect private information (e.g. medical

information). This leaves open the possibility of withholding

content inappropriately, and verifying that this has not occurred

is a time-consuming process involving the presiding judge.

We introduce testable commitments; a cryptographic technique for

verifying that only the right information has been withheld without

the need for a trusted third party. We present two constructions of

testable commitments and discuss an implementation of one of the



Golle, P. ; Chow, R. ; Staddon, J. Testable commitments. Fourth ACM International Workshop on Storage Security and Survivability (StorageSS 2008 with CSS 2008); 2008 October 31; Alexandria, VA.