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HTTP Next Generation


We report on the results of the Protocol Design Group of the W3C's HTTP ‘Next Generation' Activity. The group produced and measured a prototype that shows that it is possible, largely using familiar engineering principles, to make simultaneous improvements in the following problem areas of HTTP/1.1: (1) the layering of other application protocols over HTTP; (2) modularity and extensibility; (3) networking performance and fairness; (4) the rigid binding between identifiers and protocol stacks; and (5) the opacity of layered traffic to firewalls. The prototype also suggests that these can be done in a way that may lead to unifying the Web with related middleware systems such as COM, CORBA, and Java RMI.

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Spreitzer, M. J. ; Janssen, W. C. HTTP Next Generation. 9th International World Wide Web Conference; 2000 May 15-19; Amsterdam, Netherlands. In Computer Networks. 2000 June; 33 (1-6): 593-607.


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