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an easy-to-use image editing tool for manipulating images in scanned documents



WHAT: an image editing program that is like scissors and tape for a scanned document or screenshot; it enables users to manipulate content easily while providing the features of popular desktop-publishing/ graphics-editing programs

WHY: to make it easy to clean up, modify, or create new documents, figures, illustrations, slides, web pages, notes, cartoons, and diagrams from existing material

HOW: mixes novel user interface techniques with advanced behind-the-scenes document image analysis algorithms to extract perceptual structure in document images; enables users to select and manipulate image material that matches what they recognize as "meaningful" objects


  • re-purpose existing figures and diagrams for technical papers and presentations
  • use free images and web image-search engines as a personal clip-art library
  • clean up digital images of whiteboards and charts
  • compose cartoons and storyboards
  • fill out scanned forms
  • fit multi-page documents onto a single page
  • transcribe handwritten notes while preserving layout, doodles, and sketches