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Implicit authentication for mobile devices


With the rapid proliferation of mobile commerce and web-based services, there is increased
demand for authenticating computers or users. In particular, higher-assurance authentication such as augmenting passwords is beginning to penetrate high-value consumer markets such as banking. However, usability and cost are concerns about these second-factor authentication devices. Furthermore, password entry is complicated by the limitations of input interfaces on mobile internet devices. We introduce the notion of implicit authentication –- the ability to authenticate users based on actions they would carry out anyway. Our preliminary findings support this as a meaningful approach to increasing usable security.

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Jakobsson, M.; Shi, E.; Golle, P.; Chow, R. Implicit authentication for mobile devices. 4th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Security (HotSec '09); 2009 August 11; Montreal, Canada.


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