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PZT thick films from laser transfer process


In this work we have demonstrated that piezoelectric PZT thick films (10 to 100 um) can be fabricated by combining screen printing and laser transfer processes. Highly densified films have been obtained as the sintering temperatures can be increased to more than 1150°C. The laser transfer process allows to prepare PZT films on almost any kind of substrate including silicon, metal, and plastic, diminishes the internal stress problems which is originated from either the thermal mismatch between the PZT film and the substrate or the residual/remnant strain induced by poling the PZT film, and is fully compatible with Si microelectronics. The laser transferred PZT thick films have dielectric constants of 1300 to 1670, remnant polarization of 32 to 35 mC/cm2, thickness-mode coupling factor of about 0.49 (when sintered at 1250°C), and piezoelectric constant d31 of –124 pm/V (when sintered at 1150°C), indicating the obtained PZT films are very promising for high frequency transducers, MEMS devices, and macro (cm)-scale actuation applications.


Xu, B.; White, D.; Zesch, J.; Rodkin, A.; Buhler, S.; Fitch, J.; Littau, K. PZT thick films from laser transfer process. (Invited paper) Proceedings of the American Ceramic Society Annual Meeting; 2004; Indianapolis, IN. In Ceramic Transactions. 2004; 167: 245-258.