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Optically-pumped lasing of semipolar InGaN/GaN(1122) heterostructures


Results for long-wavelength emitters are presented for growth of semi-polar InGaN/AlGaN/GaN heterostructures on GaN(1122)/m-sapphire templates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). The semi-polar GaN layers were 10 to 25 µm thick and grown by HVPE on sapphire substrates. X-ray diffraction measurements indicate high crystallographic quality that approaches that of GaN(0001) layers on sapphire. Growth studies on the semi-polar GaN templates established the high efficiency of indium incorporation into InGaN layers, with a wide growth-temperature window up to 800ºC for green light emitting structures. Basic LEDs were fabricated with peak emission up to 570 nm wavelength. Further growth studies established conditions for growing reasonably smooth, undoped InGaN/GaN laser heterostructures suitable for optical pumping. Optically-pumped lasing was achieved at wavelengths from 400 nm up to 500 nm, the longest wavelength attempted to date. The results demonstrate the viability of semi-polar GaN(1122) on sapphire templates for long-wavelength nitride laser diodes.


Strittmatter, A.; Teepe, M. R.; Yang, Z. H.; Chua, C. L.; Northrup, J. E.; Johnson, N. M.; Brown, R.; Ivantsov, V.; Syrkin, A.; Shapovalova, L.; Usikov, A. Optically-pumped lasing of semi-polar InGaN/GaN(1122) heterostructures. International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors (ICNS 8); 2009 October 18-23; ICC Jeju, Korea.