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Printed Interconnects for Novel Electronics





Flexible electronics are lightweight, rugged, bendable, rollable, portable, and potentially foldable. With expertise in large-area electronics extending back to the 1970s (when we began researching and developing a-Si), PARC has addressed issues such as patterning and materials combinations to provide optimum performance under the stress of flexing that in turn have enabled robust system fabrication. Much of our current work involves thin-film transistors (TFT) and p-i-n photodiodes for flat panel display and image sensor backplanes. We have also demonstrated low-temperature a-Si on plastic; laser-crystallized p-Si on metal foil and quartz; and innovative fabrication techniques ranging from laser recrystallization to jet-printed, mask-less digital lithography. Targeted primarily at suppliers and developers of substrate materials and printable semiconductors, dielectrics, and metals, our flexible electronics suite of services provides materials characterization and optimization as well as full prototype development for applications in displays, sensing, and processing.