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2012 Golden Acorn Awards


Nominated by a peer-based group and then selected by PARC’s senior team, the recipients of the 2012 Golden Acorn Awards truly embody our culture with their groundbreaking and industry-leading work.  

The following PARC inventors have made considerable contributions to PARC's intellectual assets and demonstrated excellent patent practice and are recipients of the 2012 Golden Acorn Awards:

Rong Zhou 
Patent# 8234233:  System and Methods for Combining Breadth-First and Depth-First Search Strategies with Applications to Graph-Search Problems with Large Encoding Sizes
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Tse Nga Ng, Robert A Street (Ana C Arias, Sanjiv Sambandan, Jurgen H Daniel) 
Patent# 8158973:  Organic Memory Array With Ferroelectric Field-Effect Transistor Pixels
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Norine E Chang, H Ben Hsieh, Kai Melde (Meng H Lean, Joe Zuback, Nitin S Parekh)
Patent# 8268169:  Membrane Bioreactor (Mbr) and Moving Bed Bioreactor (Mbbr) Configurations for Wastewater Treatment
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Oliver Brdiczka (Maurice Chu)
Patent# 8086548:  Measuring Document Similarity by Inferring Evolution of Documents Through Reuse of Passage Sequences
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