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Academic EH&S Work Practices
A tailored approach to foster safety culture at your institution



Research lab safety is critical, but nowhere more so than in an academic institution. Clear lab safety guidelines help to create the foundation for a safe environment for faculty, students, and research staff. Given the constant personnel changes inherent in academia, there’s a significant challenge in consistently transmitting safe practices from one generation of researchers to the next, without creating a procedural burden that can interfere with the research involved. Universities need a tailored approach the takes their dynamic lab population into account.

PARC works with the world’s premier academic institutions to help them advance safety culture for the conduct of safe science in academic research. Through the application of our robust expertise in ethnographic observation and analysis, PARC is able to deliver critical insights to inform the creation of tools and processes. They enable Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) departments, as well as research laboratories, to shift work practices toward a more consistently safe research culture, without increasing faculty burden. The in-depth ethnographic research of the existing safety culture and practices guides long-term behavioral change efforts via an exploratory, iterative approach. This stems from a deep understanding of the actual work practices and we develop recommendations using the latest technologies and evidence-based engagement techniques. For example, a recommendation could include delivering relevant safety-related information in a mobile app based on a researcher’s locations and their current research.