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PARC Place Brochure
The Executive Program for Breakthrough Innovation



PARC Place 

Leverage Disruptive Technology for Competitive Advantage 

PARC Place is an invitation-only, facilitated executive innovation program, designed to keep you abreast of the critical disruptive technologies reaching the marketplace and to enable you to select and deploy the right ones for your business to gain a strategic advantage. 

Why Join PARC Place? 

› Identify early trends across industries and technologies, illuminating potential breakthrough applications 

› Cross-pollinate and capture ideas from the outside to benefit from insights and solutions used in non-competitive industries 

› Rapidly respond to market changes and increase speed to market

The PARC Place Program 

The PARC Place program is comprised of two complementary tracks: PARC Place Community and PARC Place Engage™. PARC Place Community is an exclusive network for members – C-level executives who lead corporate R&D and Innovation – where they can come together for education and collaboration. PARC Place Engage is the practical, individual track designed to address your strategic issue and take action by leveraging breakthrough technology. The community and individual elements of the program work hand-in-hand to give innovation executives the tools they need to achieve the desired return from their innovation investments.