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Development of Printed Electronics Platform

Printed electronics offers many new applications in various fields such as smart sensor tags, large-area energy harvesting devices, and wireless communication devices for internet of things. Printed electronics involves development of new materials and equipment in conjunction with integration of various fabrication processes. In this presentation, we will discuss development of printed electronics platforms to improve device performance. As an example, we will describe an approach of applying inkjet printing process on high resolution patterns that can be pre-fabricated on flexible substrates to improve the operational speed of printed organic thin film transistor circuits. The high-resolution features are designed to define transistor critical dimensions, while the flexibility and additive function of inkjet printing are utilized to construct various circuits. Logic gate and ring oscillator circuits fabricated by inkjet printing on the high-resolution substrate are demonstrated to show that the same high resolution pattern can be adapted for constructing different electronic circuits.

Mei, P.; Ng, T.; Lujan, R. A.; Schwartz, D. E.; Whiting, G. L.; Kor, S.; Krusor, B. S.; Veres, J. Development of Printed Electronics Platform. 2014 International Workshop on Flexible & Printable Electronics. 11/5/2014