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Visible laser diodes for printing


The utilization of visible laser diodes for laser printing is discussed. First, the characteristics of a multiple-element array of single-mode, individually-addressed red (AlGaInP) laser diodes is described. The benefit of shorter-wavelength blue lasers is then evaluated. Finally, towards the realization of a blue laser diode, we describe results for AlGaInN and its heterostructures, which have been grown by OMVPE and characterized, including electrical injection and optical pumping of InGaN-AlGaN heterostructures.


Bour, D. P. ; Bringans, R. D. ; Chung, H. F. ; Treat, D. W. ; Goetz, W. K. ; Hofstetter, D. ; Johnson, N. M. Visible laser diodes for printing. Proceedings of the SPIE Conference on Laser Diodes and LED Applications III; 1997 February 10-11; San Jose; CA. Bellingham WA: SPIE; 1997; 3000: 188-197.