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XP in a research lab: The hunt for strategic value


We describe our experience of using XP to develop experimental software in a research setting. We focus on ways that a research project is different from a commercial project. Our experience leads us to conclude that XP practices can be extended to allow a new understanding of value in a software project. We draw a distinction between strategic and tactical value and explore how different settings affect the type of value a project seeks to develop. We suggest ways that research projects might benefit from the use of XP.


Bellotti, V. ; Burton, R. R. ; Ducheneaut, N. ; Howard, M. A. ; Neuwirth, C. M.; Smith, I. E. XP in a research lab: The hunt for strategic value. Third International Conference on Extreme Programming (XP 2002); 2002 May 26-29; Alghero; Italy; 56-61.