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User perceptual mechanisms in the search of computer command menus

Proceedings of the 1982 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

15 March 1982


Dual-gate a-Si:H thin film transistors

IEEE Electron Device Letters



Thin-film transistors on a-Si:H

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices







Grain boundaries in crystallized silicon thin films

Grain Boundaries in Semiconductors



Electronic defects in beam-crystallized silicon

Laser and Electron-Beam Interactions with Solids






Mockingbird, a musician's amanuensis [video]

watch video online

November 1981


Planning with constraints (MOLGEN Part 1 and Part 2)

Artificial Intelligence

1 May 1981




Field-effect transistors in a-Si:H

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices



Raman spectroscopic evaluation of silicides formed with a scanned electron beam

Laser and Electron-Beam Solid Interactions and Materials Processing




Processing and properties of CW laser-recrystallized silicon films on amorphous substrates

Laser and Electron-Beam Solid Interactions and Materials Processing




Hydrogenation of defects at the Si-SiO2 interface

Insulating Films on Semiconductors




Electronic defect levels in plasma-deposited amorphous silicon

Tetrahedrally Bonded Amorphous Semiconductors, AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 73



Electronic defects in metalorganic GaAlAs

Defects in Semiconductors





Laser induced crystal growth of silicon islands on amorphous substrates

Laser and Electron-Beam Solid Interactions and Materials Processing




Mockingbird: PARC Forum talk

PARC Forum talk

30 October 1980



Defect luminescence in CW laser-annealed silicon

Laser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials



Physical properties of ion-implanted SEM-annealed silicon

Laser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials







Characteristic defects at the Si-SiO2 interface

The Physics of MOS Insulators



Scanning CW-laser-induced crystallization of silicon on amorphous substrates

Laser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials




A method for calculating performance times for users of interactive computing systems

Proceedings of the International Conference on Cybernetics and Society

8 October 1979


Defect luminescence in CW laser-annealed silicon

Journal of Applied Physics



Scanning electron beam annealing with a modified SEM

Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology








Deep levels in ion-implanted, CW laser-annealed silicon

Laser-Solid Interactions and Laser Processing-1978, AIP Conference Proceedings 50






Studies in the psychology of computer text editing systems

PARC technical report SSL-78-1

31 December 1978






Auger sputter profiling studies of the Si-SiO2 interface

The Physics of SiO2 and Its Interfaces



Auger sputter profiling studies of the Si-SiO2 interface

Semiconductor Characterization Techniques



Raman studies of structural defects in vitreous SiO2 and GeO2

The Physics of SiO2 and Its Interfaces





Meta-programming: a software production model

PARC Technical Report CSL-76-7

December 1976


PARC Place Brochure

PARC Place 

Leverage Disruptive Technology for Competitive Advantage 

PARC Place is an invitation-only, facilitated executive innovation program, designed to keep you abreast of the critical disruptive technologies reaching the marketplace and to enable you to select and deploy the right ones for your business to gain a strategic advantage. 

Why Join PARC Place? 

› Identify early trends across industries and technologies, illuminating potential breakthrough applications 

› Cross-pollinate and capture ideas from the outside to benefit from insights and solutions used in non-competitive industries 

› Rapidly respond to market changes and increase speed to market













Clean Water

Low-energy, compact, cost-effective separation for drinking water and wastewater treatment along with precious resource recovery


Sensor Application Services

Printed and Flexible Electronics


Optical System Services

Optoelectronics and Optics


Printed Interconnects for Novel Electronics

Printed and Flexible Electronics


A Social Dashboard Tool for Online Communities

Innovation Services and human-centered insight


Online Communities and Virtual Worlds

Innovation Services and human-centered insight


Mobile Interface Design

Innovation Services and human-centered insight


Market Opportunity Discovery

Innovation Services and human-centered insight



Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH)

a simple model how to think about a complex problem


Enabling value-added offerings for new market

While BASF has significant chemistry expertise, it needed to integrate electronics into its materials to capture value-added opportunities with customers in the display market.


Meeting a high-value, custom application need through low-cost, novel electronics

PARC scientists delivered the key components for a tape-like blast dosimeter with integrated memory, control electronics, and multiple sensors – which could be fabricated through printing techniques or be compatible with roll-to-roll processing (key for enabling the novel form factors and low cost), and be customized to specific application needs.



CCN protocol: Relieve telecommunications backhaul congestion

PARC has developed a communications protocol complementing existing IP infrastructure to dramatically reduce backhaul congestion on telecommunications networks.



By considering content sources, user topic interest models, and social networks, this web-based recommendation tool directs users to content of interest within their information streams to help relieve information overload.


Entering an emerging product market through IP and new technology capability transfer

Dowa had significant materials expertise and in-house R&D, but lacked the knowledge to manufacture and develop an emerging product category of LED-based products.


Harnessing communal expertise sharing to enhance services

If Xerox could leverage service technicians' tacit and socially shared experiences into a codified expert system, it would help improve services, revenues, and customer satisfaction.


Going beyond usability and incremental innovation to target new markets

The projector industry has matured. Despite the increased number of competitors and need for differentiation, innovations have focused only on incremental improvements or component technologies.


Designing a more engaging visitor experience

Based on observations of how Filoli visitors naturally engaged with audio guidebooks, PARC ethnographers realized that visitors wanted to listen to descriptive information together and share “listening spaces” with each other.


Using conversational insights to guide new products

Motorola wanted to investigate sharing practices among family and friends, so it could develop personalized communications applications that helped people maintain and enhance their social bonds.



To help increase reader engagement and differentiate content, PARC’s “Kiffets” Social Indexing Engine enables news companies to curate Long Tail web content cost-effectively.


Parallel Grammar Project (ParGram)

producing wide coverage grammars for a variety of languages



pixel-level labeling of document image content for providing large-scale groundtruth data for document image recognition programs



an easy-to-use image editing tool for manipulating meaningful image objects in scanned documents or screenshots



a social-tag based cross between a search engine and a recommendation engine for exploring topics quickly and efficiently on the web

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