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Using information scent to model user information needs and actions and the Web

Proceedings of 2001 ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2001)

31 March 2001

Information scent as a driver of Web behavior graphs: results of a protocol analysis method for Web usability

Proceedings of ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2001)

31 March 2001

Using thumbnails to search the Web

CHI 2001

31 March 2001

Dopant engineering in wide-band gap semiconductors (Invited talk)

Workshop on Doping Issues in Wide-Band-Gap Semiconductors

21 March 2001

Large-scale cognition: the psychology of informavores

Stanford University Psychology Department Colloquium

14 March 2001

Hydrogen as a cause of doping in ZnO (invited talk)

March Meeting of the American Physical Society

12 March 2001

Theoretical study of monatomic hydrogen in III-nitrides

March Meeting of the American Physical Society

12 March 2001

Bilingual brokering in the workplace

Georgetown University Roundtable

8 March 2001

Texture space

Vision Research

6 March 2001

Modular reconfigurable robotics

Oxford University Seminar

5 March 2001

Velocity likelihoods from generative models

Annual Meeting of the Association for Research on Vision and Ophthalmology.

3 March 2001

Restart strategies and Internet congestion

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

1 March 2001

The sequential analysis of bilingual classroom talk

Meeting of the American Association of Applied Linguistics

25 February 2001

Rethinking robotics: A modular reconfigurable approach

AAAS Annual Meeting (Topical Lecture)

18 February 2001

An algebraic approach to IP traceback

Network and Distributed System Security Symposium; NDSS '01

8 February 2001

Cryptography as a network service

NDSS 01, Internet Society Network and Distributed Systems Security Symposium

7 February 2001

A new laser-processed polysilicon TFT architecture

IEEE Electron Device Letters

1 February 2001

Distributed control for 3D metamorphosis

Autonomous Robots

January 2001

Best-path search in document image decoding

Second Online Symposium for Electronics Engineers (OSEE)

30 January 2001

How to build an insecure system (invited talk)

Workshop on the Foundations of Secure Computation; Tokyo Institute of Technology

25 January 2001

Lossy compression of gray-scale document images by adaptive-offset quantization

IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2001: Document Recognition & Retrieval VIII

24 January 2001

Adding linguistic constraints to document image decoding: comparing the iterated complete path and stack algorithms

IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2001: Document Recognition & Retrieval VIII

24 January 2001

Document image decoding using interated complete path search

Document Recognition and Retrieval VIII; SPIE Proceedings

24 January 2001

Modeling the sample distribution for clustering OCR

Document Recognition and Retrieval VIII; SPIE 2001

24 January 2001

Secure notarization of paper text documents

Twelfth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms

7 January 2001

Computing the depth of a flat

12th Annual ACM/SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms

7 January 2001

The reading sense: designing texts for multi-sensory systems

Innovations: New Media, Methods, and Theories

2 January 2001

Project management in explorative environments: Docuservice

Projektmanagement an Praxisfaellen (Case Studies in Project Management)

2 January 2001

Where have all the computers gone?

Technology Review

2 January 2001

Expert systems in (inter)action: diagnosing document machine problems over the telephone

Workplace studies: recovering work practice and informing system design

1 January 2001


Information assurance: securing the naval command and information infrastructure

Network-Centric Naval Forces: A Transition Strategy for Enhancing Operational Capabilities by the Naval Studies Board

31 December 2000

Making the Java object model more dynamic

PARC technical report

31 December 2000

Toward richer labels for visual structure

Perceptual Organization for Artificial Vision Systems

31 December 2000

Conversation analysis

Encyclopedia of Sociology

31 December 2000

XFR: Experiments in the future of reading

The Norwegian Journal of Library Research

31 December 2000

Environmental safety and health

Handbook of Semiconductor Manufacturing


Laser processing of amorphous silicon for polysilicon electronics on glass substrate

Materials Science Seminar, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

14 December 2000

Adding linguistic constraints to document image decoding

4th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems

10 December 2000

The doctor is in: helping end-users understand the health of distributed systems

IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management

4 December 2000

Ecological computing

Industry Standard

1 December 2000

Eat, sleep, robotics

Robots for Kids

1 December 2000

The integration of InGaN multiple-quantum-well laser diodes with copper substrates by laser lift-off

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics; Express Letters

1 December 2000

Integration of InGaN laser diodes with dissimilar substrates by laser lift-off

Fall 2000 Meeting of the Materials Research Society

27 November 2000

Role of hydrogen in surface reconstruction and growth of GaN

Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society, Symposium G: GaN and Related Alloys

27 November 2000

Silicon at (001)GaN surfaces: surface structures and adatom kinetics

Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society Symposium G: GaN and Related Alloys

27 November 2000

Participant stakeholder evaluation as a design process

ACM Conference on Universal Usability

16 November 2000

Page detection using embedded tags (Technote)

Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST 2000)

6 November 2000

Connectivity planning for closed-chain reconfiguration

Sensor Fusion and Decentralized Control in Robotic Systems III

6 November 2000

PicturePiper: using a re-configurable pipeline to find images on the Web

User Interface Software and Technology 2000 (UIST 2000)

6 November 2000

A temporal model for multi-level undo and redo

User Interface Software and Technology UIST 2000

5 November 2000

Xerox PARC at 30: inside a research lab

Dr. Dobbs Journal Special Report

1 November 2000

Distribution chain security

Proceedings of the 7th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security

1 November 2000

More time for research

APS Observer (American Psychological Society)

1 November 2000

Knowledge dynamics in Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley Edge

1 November 2000

XML vocabularies for the automated document factory

Open ADF Workshop, Xplor Conference

25 October 2000

Laser processing for amorphous Si air-gap TFTs

Thin Film Transistor Technologies V, ECS 198th Meeting Proceedings

22 October 2000

Faceted inversion domain boundary in GaN films doped with Mg

Applied Physics Letters

16 October 2000

Getting portals to behave

Information Visualization 2000

9 October 2000

Media of the last millenium

Presentation at Institute of Math and Applications (IMA), University of Minnesota

6 October 2000

Modular reconfigurable robotics

MIT Brain Cognitive Science Colloquium

5 October 2000

Finite-state nonconcatenative morphotactics

38th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2000)

3 October 2000

YASPP! or: creating a tool to secure Solaris

Usenix Systems Administation 2000 Conference

2 October 2000

Microscopic theory of hydrogen in silicon devices

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

1 October 2000

Blue diode lasers

Physics Today

October 2000

Applications drive theory

APS Observer (American Psychological Society)

1 October 2000

Eureka II: a case study in large-scale knowledge sharing

Knowledge Summit Conference

26 September 2000

Notable: At the intersection of annotations and handheld technology

The Second International Symposium on Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing

25 September 2000

Advances in blue laser diode development for high resolution printing

International Workshop on Nitrides

24 September 2000

Bayesian analysis of image sequences: detection and tracking of motion boundaries

Second External Workshop on Image Sequence Processing to Study Dynamic Processes

21 September 2000

Nano-spring arrays for high density interconnect

SPIE Micromachined Devices and Components VI

19 September 2000

Air-jet paper mover: an example of mesoscale MEMS

SPIE International Symposium on Micromachining and Microfabrication

19 September 2000

Controlling the conductivity of wide-band-gap semiconductors (Plenary talk)

25th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors

17 September 2000

Model-based document image improvement

Proceedings of the 2000 International Conference on Image Processing

10 September 2000

Embodied user interfaces for really direct manipulation

Communications of the ACM

1 September 2000

Improving electronic guidebook interfaces using a task oriented design approach

DIS2000: 3rd Conference on Designing Interactive Systems

17 August 2000