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Eureka II

3rd Intangibles Conference on Knowledge Management, Measurement & Organization

19 May 2000

HTTP Next Generation

Computer Networks

15 May 2000

Information appliances (Guest editors' introduction)

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

1 May 2000

Embedded computation meets the World Wide Web

Communications of the ACM

1 May 2000

A security infrastructure for distributed Java applications

Proceedings of the 2000 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

1 May 2000

Flexible micro-spring interconnects for high performance probing

Proceedings of the 50th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC)

1 May 2000

Survey on information appliances

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

1 May 2000

Special issue on document retrieval

Information Retrieval

1 May 2000

Search for a unique orientation among heterogeneous distracters

Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

30 April 2000

Knowledge and innovation on Xerox's front lines

Second Klee & Co. Forum Meeting

7 April 2000

Enhancing a digital book with a reading recommender

Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2000)

1 April 2000

Regression depth and center points

Discrete & Computational Geometry

April 2000

Robustly estimating changes in image appearance

Computer Vision and Image Understanding

1 April 2000

Extending document management systems with user-specific active properties

ACM Transactions on Information Systems

1 April 2000

Controlled module density helps reconfiguration planning.

The Fourth International Workshop on Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics.

13 March 2000

Distributed expertise: Enabling participatory organizational change and learning

Enterprise Learning Conference, Stanford University

10 March 2000

Human-centered information systems: the Eureka story

Human-Centered Computing Seminar

7 March 2000

CW operation of InGaN MQW laser diodes

Third International Symposium on Blue Laser and Light Emitting Diodes

5 March 2000

Finite state methods in NLP

Special issue of Computational Linguistics

1 March 2000

The nature of markets in the World Wide Web

Quarterly Journal of Electronic Commerce

1 March 2000

Design brief: Xerox PARC

Interactions (ACM)

1 March 2000

Polybot and Proteo: two modular reconfigurable robot systems

Robotics and Machine Perception; SPIE International Tech Group Newsletter

1 March 2000

An ink-oriented software framework for personal electronic whiteboards

Information Processing Society of Japan

29 February 2000

Arsenic impurities in GaN

Applied Physics Letters

21 February 2000

High resolution, direct detection x-ray imagers

SPIE Medical Imaging 2000

13 February 2000

Design and performance of asymmetric waveguide nitride laser diodes

IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics

1 February 2000

Remembering Mark Weiser, Chief Technologist, Xerox PARC

IEEE Personal Communications

1 February 2000

Two approaches to distributed manipulation

Distributed Manipulation, edited by E. Choset and K. Bohringer.

1 February 2000

A user-centered interface for information exploration in a heterogeneous digital library

Journal of the American Society for Information Science

1 February 2000

A tale of two toolkits:relating infrastructure and use in flexible CSCW toolkits

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work; the Journal of Collaborative Computing

1 February 2000

Design and use of linear models for image motion analysis

International Journal of Computer Vision

1 February 2000

Advances in laser diode development for high resolution and high speed printing

In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers IV; Photonics West

24 January 2000

Modular reconfigurable robots, an approach to urban search and rescue. (Invited plenary talk)

1st International Workshop on Human Welfare Robotics Systems (HWRS2000)

19 January 2000

Knowledge ecologies - introduction

Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

4 January 2000

Electrical conductivity control

Introduction to Nitride Semiconductor Blue Lasers and Light Emitting Diodes

2 January 2000

Structure of clean and arsenic-covered GaN(0001) surfaces

Journal of Crystal Growth

2 January 2000

Strain effects on the valence-band structure of SiGe; Strain effects on the conduction-band structure of SiGe; SiGe heterojunctions and band offsets

Properties of Silicon Germanium and SiGe:Carbon, edited by E. Kasper and K. Lyutovich, EMIS Datareview Series No. 24

2 January 2000

New insights in doping of 111-nitrides and their alloys (invited)

International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors

2 January 2000

Opportunities for information visualization

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

2 January 2000


Anatomy of an innovative region: understanding Silicon Valley

2 January 2000

Ambiguity management in grammar writing

Proceedings of the Workshop on Linguistic Theory and Grammar Implementation (ESSLLI-2000)

1 January 2000

WebLogger: a data collection tool for Web-use studies

PARC Technical Report; UIR-2000-06

1 January 2000


Managing update conflict in Bayou, a weakly connected replicated storage system

Mobility: Processes, Computers and Agents

31 December 1999

A trainable document summarizer

Advances in Automatic Text Summarization

31 December 1999

Cognitive architectures and cognitive engineering models in human-computer interaction

The Handbook of Applied Cognition. Sussex, England: Wiley; 1999

31 December 1999

Laser crystallization for polycrystalline silicon device applications

Technology and applications of amorphous silicon, edited by R.A. Street

31 December 1999

Some computer science issues in ubiquitous computing (reprint of 1993 article)

Mobility: Processes, Computers and Agents

31 December 1999

Solving highly constrained search problems with quantum computers

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

31 December 1999

Information foraging

Psychological Review

31 December 1999

The trouble with PowerPoint


20 December 1999

Surface reconstruction by Voronoi filtering

Discrete & Computational Geometry

December 1999

Xerox electronic reusable paper and the Internet

Euskadi Internet conference '99

29 November 1999

Future of technology trends and impact on learning

NIST Adaptive Learning Systems Workshop

17 November 1999

Presto: an experimental architecture for fluid interactive document spaces

ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

15 November 1999

Perceptual organization of occluding contours of opaque surfaces

Computer Vision and Image Understanding

15 November 1999

Eureka: Using the web as a community knowledge medium.

Presentation at Stanford University

10 November 1999

Enhancing privacy and trust in electronic communities

ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce

3 November 1999

Haystack: per-user information environments

Eighth International Conference on Information Knowledge Management

2 November 1999

Defects and defect reactions in semiconductor nitrides

Acta Physica Polonica A

1 November 1999

Getting some perspective: using process descriptions to index document history

ACM Conference on Supporting Group Work

1 November 1999

Paper transport using modulated air jet arrays

International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies

1 November 1999

Excimer laser processing for a-Si thin film transistors for imager applications

46th National Symposium of the American Vacuum Society

25 October 1999

Sensemaking of evolving Web sites using visualization spreadsheets

IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization

24 October 1999

Towards constraint-based actuation allocation for hyper-redundant manipulators.

CP'99 Workshop on Constraints in Control

16 October 1999

Technology: purposeful activity at the boundaries

Amerind Advanced Seminar on Technology

15 October 1999

Mining longest repeated subsequences to predict World Wide Web surfing

Second USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems

11 October 1999

Theory of impurities and defects in III-nitrides: vacancies in GaN and related materials

International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials

10 October 1999