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New model for "stretched exponential" relaxation

Materials Research Society Spring Meeting

8 April 1996

Role of hydrogen and hydrogen complexes in doping of GaN

Materials Research Society Spring Meeting.

8 April 1996

Space optimizations for total ranking

Symposium for Document Analysis and Information Retrieval (SDAIR '96)

6 April 1996

Role of hydrogen in doping of GaN

Applied Physics Letters

25 March 1996

Defects, impurities and doping in GaN

Invited Talk at the American Physical Society

18 March 1996

Hydrogen migration in polycrystalline silicon

Physical Review B [Condensed Matter]

15 March 1996

Atomic arrangement at the AlN/SiC interface

Physical Review B

15 March 1996

Refining the phase transition in combinatorial research

Artificial Intelligence

1 March 1996

Phase transitions and the search problem

Artificial Intelligence

1 March 1996

Visualizing retrieved information: a survey

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

1 March 1996

Imaging standards for smart cards

IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, Science; Technology Symposium

1 February 1996

Extraction of text-related features for condensing image documents

Document Recognition III Conference

29 January 1996

Document specific character template estimation

Proceedings of Document Recognition III

29 January 1996

Textured reductions for document image analysis

Document Recognition III

29 January 1996

Document image decoding in the UC Berkeley Digital Library

SPIE Document Recognition III

29 January 1996

Dual wavelength laser by selective intermixing of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells

SPIE 1996 Symposium on Lasers and Integrated Optoelectronics

27 January 1996

Designing cyberian landscapes

Social Science Computer Review

2 January 1996

Beyond the black box: open implementation

IEEE Software

2 January 1996

The human, the computer, the task and their interaction -- analytic models and use-centered design

Mind matters: a tribute to Allen Newell Steier, D. M.; Mitchell, T. M., editors

2 January 1996

Does the local structure play a role in high temperature superconductivity?

International Conference on Superlattices, Microstructures and Microdevices

1 January 1996

Spatial distribution of the luminescence in GaN thin films

Materials Research Society, First International Symposium on Gallium Nitride and Related Materials

1 January 1996

Ambiguity-preserving generation in LFG-and PATR-style

Computational Linguistics

1 January 1996

Letting loose the light: igniting commerce in electronic publication

Internet Dreams: Archetypes, Myths, and Metaphors, edited by Mark Stefik

1 January 1996


Approximation algorithms for the largest common subtree problem.

Stanford University, Dept. of Computer Science Technical Report CS-TR-95-1545. 1995.

31 December 1995

Distributed computation as an economic system

Journal of Economic Perspectives

31 December 1995

A comparison of classifiers and document representations for the routing problem.

18th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval.

31 December 1995

Expert systems versus systems for experts

In Social and Interactional Dimensions of Human-Computer Interfaces, edited by Peter Thomas.

31 December 1995

Nanotechnology: snapping atoms together

Scientific American's Triumph of Discovery

31 December 1995

An overview of the PARCTAB ubiquitous computing experiment

IEEE Personal Communications

December 1995

Silicon-hydrogen bonding and hydrogen diffusion in amorphous silicon

Materials Research Society Spring Meeting

31 December 1995

A technology of order production: computer-aided dispatch in 9-1-1 communications

Situated Order: Studies in the Social Organization of Talk and Embodied Activities, edited by George Psathas and Paul ten Have

31 December 1995

Deep level transient spectroscopy: a case study on GaAs

Characterization of Compound Semiconductor Processing


Pioneers and settlers: methods used in successful user interface design

Human-Computer Interface Design: Success Stories, Emerging Methods and Real-World Context. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann; 1995;

31 December 1995

Band discontinuities at heterojunctions between crystalline and amorphous silicon

22nd Conference on Physics and Chemistry of Semiconductor Interfaces

31 December 1995

Hydrogen-induced metastability of polycrystalline silicon

Materials Research Society 1995 Spring Meeting

31 December 1995

The people are the company

Premiere Issue

31 December 1995

Distributed information systems for MEMS.

Technical report, Information Systems and Technology (ISAT) Study

31 December 1995

Ropes: an alternative to strings

Software Practice and Experience

December 1995

A metaobject protocol for C++


31 December 1995

SiGe heterojunctions and band offsets

EMIS Datareview: Properties of Strained and Relaxed SiGe

31 December 1995

Theory of the adatom-induced reconstruction of the SiC(0001) V3xV3 surface

Physical Review B [Rapid Communications]

15 December 1995

Information visualization: wings for the mind

Visualization '95 Conference

15 December 1995

Hydrogen in GaN: novel aspects of a common impurity

Physical Review Letters

11 December 1995

A novel poly-Si-capped poly-Si1-xGex thin-film transistor

IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting.

10 December 1995

Large-area imaging with amorphous silicon photodiode arrays

1995 Semiconductor Device Research Symposium

6 December 1995

Managing update conflicts in Bayou, a weakly connected replicated storage system

15th ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles

3 December 1995

XAFS measurements of negatively correlated atomic displacements in HgBa2CuO4+(delta)

Physical Review B [Rapid Communications]

1 December 1995

Ferroelectric LSCO/PZT/LSCO oxide heterostructures grown on [001] GaAs and [00l] Si

Materials Research Society Symposium G, Epitaxial Thin Films II

27 November 1995

Theory of point defects and complexes in GaN

Materials Research Society Symposium

27 November 1995

Spatial distribution of the luminescence in GaN thin films

Materials Research Society, First International Symposium on Gallium Nitride and Related Materials

27 November 1995

Laser crystallized polysilicon thin films and applications

Materials Research Society

27 November 1995

Hydrogen in GaN

MRS Symposium on Gallium Nitride and Related Materials

27 November 1995

Theory of point defects and complexes in GaN

Materials Research Society Symposium: Materials Theory, Simulation and Parallel Algorithms

27 November 1995

Tight-binding initialization for generating high-quality initial wave functions: applications to defects and impurities in GaN

Materials Research Society Symposium: Materials Theory, Simulation and Parallel Algorithms 1995 Fall Meeting

27 November 1995

Homoepitaxy of GaN on polished bulk single crystals by MOCVD

Material Research Society

27 November 1995

Green light generated by frequency doubling in LiNb03 and LiTa03 thin films

Material Research Society Symposium

26 November 1995

The technologies of reputation

Conference on "Literature in the Library" at Columbia University

15 November 1995

High-latency, low-bandwidth windowing in the Jupiter collaboration system

ACM Symposium of User Interface Software and Technology

14 November 1995

Linear-size nonobtuse triangulation of polygons

Discrete and Computational Geometry.

13 November 1995

Scatter/Gather as a tool for the navigation of retrieval results

AAAl 1995 Fall Symposium on Al Applications in Knowledge Navigation and Retrieval, MIT

10 November 1995

Defects, impurities and doping in wide-band-gap semiconductors

Fairchild Lecture, Lehigh University

9 November 1995

Reflective color displays for imaging applications

The Third IS&T/SID Color Imaging Conference

7 November 1995

Gimcrack nation

Natural Language and Linguistic Theory

1 November 1995

High density, high power arrays of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers operating at 850nm

LEOS Annual Meeting; 1995 November; San Jose, CA

1 November 1995

Page sized a-Si: H 2-dimensional arrays as imaging devices

Fourth International Conference on Solid-State and Integrated Circuit Technology

24 October 1995

Competitive intelligence: looking at R&D

Technical Intelligence for Leading--Edge Companies, sponsored by the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals

23 October 1995

A scheduling model for reduced CPU energy

1995 Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science

23 October 1995

The social life of documents

Release 1.0

11 October 1995

Multiprocessor cache coherence based on virtual memory support

Journal on Parallel and Distributed Computing: Scalable Shared Memory Multiprocessor (Special Issue)

1 October 1995

Large area amorphous silicon x-ray imagers

9th International Workshop on Room Temperature Semiconductor X-ray Detectors

18 September 1995

Remote plasma hydrogenation of Mg-doped GaN

6th International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials

18 September 1995