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You can find many more of our videos -- including PARC Forum invited expert talks -- on our Slideshare channel, which allows viewing on mobile devices, video embedding, and more. 

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Mobile Interface Design

Innovation Services and human-centered insight

Clean Water

Low-energy, compact, cost-effective separation for drinking water and wastewater treatment along with precious resource recovery

Sensor Application Services

Printed and Flexible Electronics

Optical System Services

Optoelectronics and Optics

Printed Interconnects for Novel Electronics

Printed and Flexible Electronics

A Social Dashboard Tool for Online Communities

Innovation Services and human-centered insight

Market Opportunity Discovery

Innovation Services and human-centered insight

Online Communities and Virtual Worlds

Innovation Services and human-centered insight




Flexible Electronics

1 December 2011

PARC services for novel electronics.


Web-based inference detection [video]

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February 2009


Love and Authentication [video]

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August 2008


Badvertisements [video]

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September 2006


Mockingbird, a musician's amanuensis [video]

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November 1981


Mockingbird: PARC Forum talk

PARC Forum talk

30 October 1980



recent resources

Strategies towards compact UV laser sources

What do users like? Inferring users' interests and preferences from their Facebook profiles

High-Performance Structured Battery Electrodes

PARC offers a proven co-extrusion printing technique, CoEx, that can enhance both the energy and power densities of batteries. A cost-effective way to manufacture structured electrodes, this technique can be applied to both cathodes and anodes for most mature battery chemistries.