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You can find many more of our videos -- including PARC Forum invited expert talks -- on our Slideshare channel, which allows viewing on mobile devices, video embedding, and more. 

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A Social Dashboard Tool for Online Communities

Innovation Services and human-centered insight

Badvertisements [video]

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September 2006

Clean Water

Low-energy, compact, cost-effective separation for drinking water and wastewater treatment along with precious resource recovery

Flexible Electronics

1 December 2011

PARC services for novel electronics.

Love and Authentication [video]

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August 2008

Market Opportunity Discovery

Innovation Services and human-centered insight

Mobile Interface Design

Innovation Services and human-centered insight

Mockingbird, a musician's amanuensis [video]

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November 1981

Mockingbird: PARC Forum talk

PARC Forum talk

30 October 1980

Online Communities and Virtual Worlds

Innovation Services and human-centered insight

Optical System Services

Optoelectronics and Optics

Printed Interconnects for Novel Electronics

Printed and Flexible Electronics

Sensor Application Services

Printed and Flexible Electronics

Web-based inference detection [video]

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February 2009



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Strategies towards compact UV laser sources

What do users like? Inferring users' interests and preferences from their Facebook profiles

High-Performance Structured Battery Electrodes

PARC offers a proven co-extrusion printing technique, CoEx, that can enhance both the energy and power densities of batteries. A cost-effective way to manufacture structured electrodes, this technique can be applied to both cathodes and anodes for most mature battery chemistries.