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Deliver broader options, more competitive solutions, and faster time to market


The approach we take to identifying and developing breakthrough technology concepts begins with the systematic discovery of opportunity. The resulting concepts and visions drive the development of novel technology platforms, which we design for future customization. Ultimately, we transfer both the technology and the know-how to our clients. From there, entire new business entities are enabled.

By aligning new product development and business creation goals with PARC's domains of innovation, our clients:

  • strengthen innovation effectiveness
  • extend scientific and technical capabilities
  • anticipate and respond more quickly to customer desires and emerging industry trends
  • cultivate new market opportunities or business models
  • acquire intellectual property while maximizing existing assets

In the process of working with us, enterprises gain unprecedented insights into how innovators think about and do what they do — which enables our clients to nurture a culture of innovation within their own organizations.

PARC's approach

We invent, build, and test novel technology platforms for our enterprise clients to enable new business opportunities or offer significant performance advantages. From identifying customer needs and conducting exploratory research, to testing prototypes in the field and transferring technology and know-how, we offer a full spectrum of innovation capabilties and expertise.

New Business Creation: PARC helps establish both a technology platform and a team that will be the nucleus of a new business opportunity for our clients.

Technology Platform Creation, Integration, and Transfer: Interdisciplinary teams, custom-formed for each engagement, comprise domain experts from a variety of disciplines. All team members work directly with our clients’ teams to define, generate, and deploy novel technology platforms.

Case studies

Accelerating time to market and increasing cost-efficiency
: PARC helps launch cleantech venture through breakthrough solar technology and on-site incubatio

Creating a new business opportunity and technology platform: PARC helps a mature company supplement existing publishing business through ethnographic opportunity discovery and creation of new digital media technology platform

Translating a vision into a marketplace reality: PARC enables startup (recently acquired by Microsoft) to develop and deploy a breakthrough consumer search engine




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