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early-stage ventures

PARC Gives Startups a Boost

Seed stage, early stage, and growth-minded VC-backed startups partner with PARC to reduce risk and achieve faster time-to-market 

A startup is hard. Securing funding is even harder. And obtaining advanced resources to support your endeavors is hardest of all. What’s often missing for startups is access to capital-intensive infrastructure and specialized expertise. Whether you are focused on B2B software, hardware, cleantech, or other technology endeavors, this is where PARC can help.

PARC goes beyond typical entrepreneur-in-residence or incubator support and keeps startups from pitfalls of the R&D and early product development phase. By providing new business options, custom technology, intellectual property (IP), and internal research capabilities otherwise unavailable early on, PARC is helping startups conquer challenges, advance technology, secure new or more funding, and maximize impact with faster market delivery.

With PARC’s deep history of innovation, startups gain access to unrivaled industry expertise and world-class researchers who excel in addressing the roadblocks encountered when moving from concept to commercial scale.

From rapid prototyping to advanced equipment access to CTO-level guidance to new funding partnerships and introductions, PARC helps you move forward in value and differentiation.

Whether your startup is in its earliest stage or in Series C, come talk to PARC. To learn more, contact us here.

industry contributions

PARC's rich legacy of innovation over the decades has enabled the creation of more than 30 new businesses. More...


"With the support of PARC, in just 18 months SolFocus has launched its first product, is developing the next-generation technology, has installed multiple test sites, and is setting the standard in CPV technology." — Gary Conley, CEO, SolFocus