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Data-driven, people-focused solutions for better care

Increasing healthcare costs, a shortage of healthcare workers, and rising obesity rates are all alarming issues facing today’s healthcare system requiring immediate attention. But various government regulations, complex payment systems, and multiple stakeholders - including doctors, patients, and insurance companies - make changing today’s healthcare landscape very challenging. Coordination is difficult because decision-making is decentralized and stakeholders have conflicting objectives. In addition, massive amounts of data are generated every second and they change in real time. To effectively provide better care and promote good health in society, we need to address the challenges faced by both organizations and individuals by presenting solutions that make differences in people’s lives. 

Good healthcare solutions require good information, and healthcare stakeholders need the right information at the right time to make the right decision for the right outcome. To create disruptive solutions in such a complex landscape, it is necessary to acquire information from various components of the healthcare ecosystem, such as payers, providers, exchanges, corporations, and patients. Then these large amounts of collected data need to be efficiently mined and analyzed so actionable strategies and recommendations can be developed for each target audience.

PARC is uniquely qualified to address these challenges. PARC has strong experience in management of healthcare information and workflows, access to relevant data as well as HIPAA-compliant compute facilities, deep competencies in modeling and analytics, and user-centered design capabilities based on ethnography. By applying a multi-disciplinary approach utilizing expertise from software, hardware, and integrated systems to social sciences and ethnography, PARC creates and delivers data-driven, people-centered solutions for the healthcare ecosystem.  



PARC's key enablers

Big Data Analytics

Healthcare costs are rising every year, placing unsustainable financial burdens on the government, corporations and consumers. To contain such rising costs, the underlying causes need to be investigated. Focused on user behaviors as well as temporal, geospatial, and network patterns, PARC's analytics delivers automatic identification of causal patterns including fraud, waste, and abuse, and patterns that potentially lead to improved healthcare outcomes and cost savings. Analytics are a key component of PARC's client product offerings.

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Workflow Optimization

Healthcare worker shortages and legacy workflows can cause longer processing time and more errors, resulting in less time spent on patients and sub-optimal outcomes. Creating more efficient and effective workflows not only helps alleviate healthcare worker shortages but also improves overall patient care while contributing to better management of costs. To understand workflows in actual hospital settings, PARC applies its expertise in ethnography by closely observing and recording activities done by nurses and doctors. With the insights gained from ethnographic studies, PARC’s software tools analyze work processes - from high-level activities down to low-level tasks - and identify key opportunities to reduce processing time and errors while improving the quality of care. Designed to provide the right information at the right time to all players involved in patient care, this methodology results in solutions that improve clinical decision-making processes so healthcare professionals can spend more time caring for patients. 

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Consumer Health and Wellness

Personal lifestyle choices are one of the key drivers of personal health. PARC is developing scalable social/mobile apps for behavior change to help people adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles. Leveraging its proven behavioral and social science expertise, deep ethnography experience, and a variety of technologies, PARC's solutions are consumer-focused, yet benefit consumers, payers, providers, employers and other healthcare industry participants alike. 


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Advancing the Science of Predicting Behavior Change in Health and Wellness
posted 11 March 2014

Late last year PARC received a new multi-year, multi-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for work on Fittle+

Introducing Fittle+ – Health Behavior Change Via a Scientific Smartphone App
posted 10 October 2013

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently awarded a new multi-year multi-million dollar grant to myself and Michael Youngblood under a new Smart and Connected Health inter-agency program