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How To Work With Us

Companies of all kinds can achieve their growth directions with PARC. For each engagement, we form a custom, multidisciplinary team -- often placing as much importance on human-centered insights as on technology -- to help our clients overcome the barriers between ideation and implementation. This is more than just "research for hire": our clients benefit from PARC's open innovation business model, because they’re leveraging our collective experience across industries, cultures, and disciplines to reduce their risk and accelerate time to market.

"Companies are trying to leverage their crown jewels...PARC is a jewel discovery jeweler and can be catalytic for companies to have a path out...that they are not seeing." -- Geoffrey A. Moore, talk on "Escape Velocities", 2012

"That resurgent hotbed is PARC... Part of the magic lies in the current business model...But much of the magic arises from the PARC culture which, like the original, nurtures practical creativity..." -- Harvard Business Review blog, "Reinventing Innovation at PARC", 2011



You know the general direction, vision, or trend you'd like to explore. We identify the best opportunity and/or create the offering for you, helping move it from concept to reality. [examples]


You want to realize a specific direction or technology. Drawing on expertise we've already invested in, we work with your R&D to further develop platforms/ prototypes for your needs. [examples]


You’re missing a key piece of the puzzle and lack the resources to do it in house. PARC provides access to the specialized expertise, IP, and know-how transfer to meet your goals. [examples]



for startups

Going beyond typical entrepreneur-in-residence and spin-out models, PARC provides access to specialized expertise, infrastructure, and networks not typically available to startups. [related release]

for government

PARC partners with enterprises, ventures, universities, and consortia to address the full spectrum of government project outcomes, from exploring concepts to delivering full-featured prototypes into the field.

for small business

PARC supports small business vendors.  Learn how your small business can help supply PARC research.  Contact us here for more information.