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an easy-to-use image editing tool for manipulating images in scanned documents

ScanScribe is an image editing program that is like scissors and tape for a scanned document or screenshot; it enables users to manipulate content easily while providing the features of popular desktop-publishing/ graphics-editing programs.

ScanScribe mixes novel user interface techniques with advanced behind-the-scenes document image analysis algorithms to extract perceptual structure in document images; enables users to select and manipulate image material that matches what they recognize as "meaningful" objects.

There are many uses of ScanScribe - filling out scanned forms, reusing images for presentations, transcribe handwriting while preserving drawings, and much more.



from our Living Labs



Living Laboratory

In the spirit of open innovation, this is one of the places where PARC scientists and engineers share their prototype web-based services, alpha-stage software downloads, proof-of-concept for various competencies, and collaborative development programs. These are available free to the public for trial and feedback; in turn, we hope to draw on the diverse perspectives the online community will share. We do not currently provide access to inactive projects (e.g., Map Viewer) here.


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