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Next-gen network architecture to solve challenges in content distribution scalability, mobility, and security

As all of our information becomes digital – from video and audio to print and money – hundreds of millions of new devices and people are coming online every year. Data demand is exponentially skyrocketing: global IP demand for data is nearing 30 exabytes – or 30 billion gigabytes – per month.

Yet the Internet was designed as a communications network, not a media distribution network. These limitations impact every part of the ecosystem – from carriers to publishers, across wired and wireless communications – and operators need economical ways to solve these problems beyond marginal improvements on existing solutions and tools.

Content-Centric Networking (CCN) is a new network architecture designed to match the way the network already works, and to address the problems people are trying to solve. CCN is the next milestone in PARC’s notable legacy in networking -- from inventing Ethernet to making significant contributions to the IPv6 protocol.

What is CCN?

CCN directly routes and delivers named pieces of content at the packet level of the network, enabling automatic and application-neutral caching in memory wherever it’s located in the network. The result? Efficient and effective delivery of content wherever and whenever it is needed.  Since the architecture enables these caching effects as an automatic side effect of packet delivery, memory can be used without building expensive application-level caching services.

CCN’s security model focuses on explicitly securing the content itself – as opposed to endpoints. Regardless of where packets travel across the network, content is protected from damage, alteration, or snooping from unauthorized parties.

CCN is designed to run alongside or independent of TCP/IP, and will not disrupt exisiting networks.  The architecture enables a suite of solutions and capabilities through effectively addressing these issues of naming, memory, and security.

Global traction for CCN

PARC continues to make significant advancements in CCN:

  • PARC released the open source code CCNx to enable network research experimentation and to establish a foundation of open core protocols for content networking.
  • PARC released the CCNx Android code and began multiple commercial engagements with Fortune Global 500 companies in devices and network infrastructure, such as with Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) for new business solutions in mobile and other contexts.


how to engage with us

Leading-edge corporate and startup companies who seek to gain an innovative technical and business edge over their competitors can work with PARC to utilize CCN.  This new approach towards networking surmounts significant problems inadequately solved with existing architecture.

Deployments: Co-developing and prototyping CCN solutions

PARC has been working with leading organizations across the networking ecosystem, from service providers to network equipment and device manufacturers, with the goal of achieving productized CCN solutions. Engagements have ranged from delivering software to catalyzing internal networking research initiatives. contact us

Workshops: Explore CCNx code and identify strategic opportunities

PARC offers educational workshops for organizations interested in the CCNx code, core research, and technical concepts. Custom-tailored to your specific needs, the workshops are designed to explore and intersect with your strategic goals and complement your organization’s assets and understanding.  Past workshops have ranged from focusing on commercial opportunities to early-stage, fundamental research. Commissioning a white paper would compare CCN against a technology of your choice.  Organizations often find these workshops very helpful as a precursor to a full engagement. contact us


Conny Marx
Business Development
+1 650 812 4092




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PARC recently hosted the third CCNx Community Meeting – CCNxCon 2013 – where many researchers and engineers from academia, research labs, and technology companies joined together at our Palo Alto campus to discuss the future of networking.  We were excited and honored to have participation from those who have been actively working on Content-Centric Networking (CCN) for several years as well as novices who just want to learn what’s the excitement around CCN. The meeting spanned two full days with a technical program that consisted of talks, posters, and demonstrations – addressing topics ranging from systems issues, routing, forwarding, naming, and security to building cool CCN applications

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