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Revered experience and unlimited ambition

Located in Silicon Valley, PARC, now part of SRI International, has been at the heart of some of the most important technological breakthroughs of our time.  Practicing open innovation, we provide custom R&D services, technology, intellectual property, and innovation best practices to Fortune 500 companies, startups, and government agencies. Organizations around the world value us for our scientific rigor, IP portfolio, commercialization capabilities, and comprehensive research facilities—resources found nowhere else in a single organization.

Creativity and science are core to our mission to reduce the time and risk attached to innovation.  We bring leading scientists, engineers and designers together to form teams across a series of Focus Areas that we believe are the future of technology, science and innovation.


The best minds, applied to the hardest problems

Our research staff includes some of the most talented, creative, and entrepreneurial Ph.D.- level scientists and engineers in the world – people with technical expertise, business sense, and drive.  Our team is comprised of physical, computational and social scientists, engineers, and business experts who are passionate and committed to addressing the most pressing issues of our time.  With disruptive innovations in technologies that bridge the physical and digital worlds such as  IoT sensing and analytics, digital manufacturing, climate tech,  AI and machine learning, intelligent assistants, cyber-physical security, biomedical instruments and more, we continue to invent the future.

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About SRI International 

SRI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute, headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, with a rich history of supporting government and industry. We create and deliver world-changing solutions for a safer, healthier, and more sustainable future. For more than 75 years, we have collaborated across technical and scientific disciplines to discover and develop ground-breaking products and technologies and bring innovations and ideas to the marketplace. Learn more at

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Research Expertise

Focus Areas

At PARC, we concentrate our thinking on a series of Focus Areas that we believe are the future of technology. From AI to digital design and manufacturing, novel printing to microsystems, IoT to the workplace, our Focus Areas sit at the center of our innovation. In turn, each individual Focus Area is enabled by a set of core Competencies where our collective expertise and capabilities come to life.

150+ worldclass scientists

Our innovators drive our approach to scientific creativity.

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About PARC

PARC History

PARC was founded in 1970 as Xerox PARC. In 2002, PARC was incorporated, creating a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of Xerox Corporation. In 2023, PARC was acquired by SRI International. Since its inception, PARC has created $1 trillion in new industries, $60 billion in startups and spin-offs, and almost 6,000 patents and patent applications.

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PARC People

Our people are integral to how we help organizations respond to a rapidly changing technology landscape. With over 150 scientists, engineers and designers, we are able to create new teams for every project we work on, combining creative thinkers and innovators from a variety of backgrounds.

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$1 trillion in new industries

Find out how we help organizations explore scientific frontiers.

SRI International’s rich history combined with PARC’s track record and legacy of breakthrough innovation opens the door to extraordinary new technological advances and the bold impact for which both organizations are known.


David Parekh, CEO of SRI International 


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