Chris Somogyi



Job: business
Chris Somogyi serves as the business development lead for PARC’s Cleantech Tower, which seeks to deliver shareholder value via the introduction of innovations in the production, use, and management of energy-intensive resources. Chris’ career has included executive positions in global venture capital portfolio management with SRI International, Intellectual Ventures, and SoftBank-related Pacific Rim Ventures. Chris has managed intellectual property and spinouts for Stanford University in areas from software to biotech to electronics. As an entrepreneur, Chris has launched and led several startups in fields ranging from tissue engineering to cell cultured meat to metamaterials and optical logic. Chris has also run the Government of New Zealand’s innovation grant and national accelerator lab systems. Collectively, Chris has managed over $1 Billion in assets and hundreds of patents. Chris has realized numerous exits via IPO and acquisition. Chris holds MS and BSE degrees in biomedical engineering, and an MBA with an emphasis in strategy. Chris has served on numerous corporate boards of advanced technology companies. A US and EU citizen, Chris continues to assist innovation initiatives in developing economies.