Dan Larner



Job: scientist
Dan Larner has a broad collection of engineering and science expertise. After having worked at PARC for 14 years, he left for 9 years to work on self-driving cars, and then returned to PARC. His recent focus is on hardware systems, performing mechanical analysis, design, and fabrication; electronic design, layout and construction; embedded systems development; and system integration/ software.  During his first decade at PARC, he worked primarily in software, where he did extensive design and implementation in areas such as embedded systems, computer vision, distributed programs, networking, and object systems. Before initially coming to PARC, Dan worked in artificial intelligence and real-time control in aerospace and industrial settings. He has a M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford, and B.S. degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. Dan's curious nature and passion for cross-disciplinary pollination enables him to find and apply solutions in creative ways, while understanding the constraints and realities across disparate fields. Dan enjoys the whole process from ideation, modeling, and design, to prototyping, construction, and evaluation. His motto? Keep learning till you're beneath the sod.



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