Farzad Inanlou



Job: scientist
Farzad MD. Inanlou leads the Advanced Millimeter-wave and Microwave Systems Technology Research Team and is a senior member of the research staff in the Hardware Systems Laboratory. His research interests include RF Microwave and Millimeter wave circuit and system design for advanced low-SWaP sensing applications such as mmW imaging radars, space-based and airborne remote sensing probes, and implantable medical devices. Prior to joining PARC, Farzad worked at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he was an RF/Microwave Design and Technology Development Lead and Advanced Radar Concepts Principal Investigator, and managed/led the design of several radar subsystems on the NISAR flagship mission, and on a tri-band (W, Ku, Ka) small-sat phased array IIP project from 2014 to 2018. Farzad has published multiple research articles in refereed high-impact journals, presented papers at competitive international conferences and workshops, and is a reviewer for a number of major journals. He is also a patent holder on a high-data-rate low-power NFC (Near Field Communication) method named Pulse Harmonic Modulation (PHM) for NFC wireless HD plug-less contact-based video streaming, and high-data-rate implantable medical devices telemetry applications. Dr. Inanlou earned his doctoral degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology where his thesis was on the development of innovative RF/mmW transceiver approaches both at the system level and at the MMIC level for advanced low power autonomous applications. While there, he was a President’s Fellow and an NSF Fellow, and also served as a one-year principal lecturer for the “Circuits and Electronics” course.