Gabriel Iftime



Job: scientist
Gabriel Iftime is Senior Member of the Research Staff and project manager at PARC. He is responsible for developing functional materials for 3D printing and energy applications. He brings extensive expertise in formulation of advanced composite polymeric materials, colloidal particles synthesis and functionalization. Prior to PARC, Gabriel worked at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada where he developed technologies incorporating smart particle polymeric materials. Gabriel has been granted over 160 U.S. patents and has authored 17 international journal articles in the field of cross-linked curable polymers, particle functionalization, dispersions, hydrogen storage, aerogels, ionic liquids, lightweight materials, coatings and films, switchable materials, photo-active devices and prototypes, and ink formulations. Dr. Iftime received his Ph.D. in materials chemistry from the Université Paris XI in France, which he completed with the best ranking (“Tres Honorable avec les Felicitations du Jury").



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