Gunjan Khandelwal



Job: scientist
Gunjan Khandelwal is a Full-Stack developer/architect in PARC's Digital Design and Manufacturing program (DDM). DDM is focused on utilizing research and innovations in digital manufacturing, geometric modeling, computational design, and automation to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing. Her technical skills are Java, Javascript, AWS, design and manufacturing. Before joining PARC, Gunjan worked as a full stack developer at a stealth mode startup in telemedicine domain. There she joined the company as their first engineer reporting directly to the CTO and was responsible for developing a telemedicine platform with live video chat, phone and text chat features. In addition, she supported UI development and deployment of the product on AWS. She also has a background in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a design engineer at SIEMENS where she was involved in designing the exhaust casing of turbines. Gunjan received her Masters in Software Engineering from San Jose State University, California and B.Tech in Mechanical and Automation Engineering from Delhi, India.