Jacob Chamoun



Job: scientist
Jacob Chamoun works in the Electronic Material and Devices Laboratory, developing technologies that push the boundaries of optical sensing. He is currently developing the detection system for a high-throughput optical calorimeter with the goal of measuring temperature shifts at the micro-Kelvin level. This technology has the potential to dramatically accelerate the process of  drug discovery for cancer treatments and other pharmaceuticals. He is also involved with the development of PARC's hyperspectral imaging camera. Prior to joining PARC, Jacob investigated the noise properties of fiber optic gyroscope systems during his Ph.D. studies. This work culiminated in the demonstration of the first laser-driven fiber optic gyroscope for inertial navigation of commercial aircraft. Jacob holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University and a B.S. in Applied & Engineering Physics from Cornell University. He has 10 publications and conference proceedings and 1 patent.