Joerg Martini



Job: scientist
Joerg Martini manages the Autonomous Systems & Life Sciences group in the Hardware Research and Technology Laboratory. He is passionate about bringing hardware innovation into all aspects of the life sciences – agriculture, biology, bioproduction, medicine, pharma, veterinary and wellness. He has worked on a variety of government and commercial projects across a wide range of technologies including microfluidics, printing, water quality determination, UV-laser development, fiber sensors, hyperspectral imaging, and drug delivery. Joerg’s focusses on (bio-) photonic detection systems including in vivo analyte detectors, flow cytometers and cell sorters, fluorescence detection systems, and optical calorimetry. Joerg believes in combining the right hard- and software to accomplish optimal performance at minimal system complexity. He has, for example, encoded the spectral emission characteristic of fluorescent particles or inkjet droplet trajectories into their time-dependent detection signal. He is now expanding this approach to autonomous systems such as printers, robots, and biosensor arrays. Joerg holds 30+ patents, has authored 20+ peer-reviewed publications and earned his Dr. rer. nat from Bielefeld University, Germany.



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