Julie Bert



Job: leadership
Julie A. Bert is the Leader of the Hardware Research and Technology Laboratory at PARC. Her organization comprises physicists, chemists, engineers and materials scientists, focusing on: flexible, organic, and large-area electronics for various applications; advanced manufacturing and novel printing technologies; energy systems; optoelectronic systems; and custom sensors and sensor networks. The infrastructure within the organization includes both silicon and optoelectronic fabrication lines for prototype devices. Julie previously led a PARC research group focusing on advanced system prototyping and thin film electronics fabrication. People in her group contribute to a wide variety of projects spanning from long-term opportunity exploration via government funding to delivery of advanced systems.  As a Principle Investigator, she has lead projects focused on increasing the maturity of electronic hardware systems including developing a design for a portable x-ray imager that was licensed to an external company and is now sold as a commercial product.  She also leads the DARPA OOT program which expanded PARC’s capabilities to push products further along the development chain into small-scale manufacturing. Prior to joining PARC, Dr. Bert completed a Ph.D. in Physics at Stanford University where she used magnetic imaging to study superconductivity in novel material systems, and earned an A.B. degree in Physics from Princeton University.



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