Kelly Birmingham



Job: business
Kelly Birmingham empowers PARC partners, for leveraging PARC’s vast portfolio of capability, technology/IP, and services for innovating and creating success.  As a champion for PARC customers, Kelly is keenly focused on PARC partners, their requirements and the innovation for their success. With a diverse background in business development for early- and later-stage companies with emerging technologies and solutions, spanning mobile/consumer devices, IOT, semiconductors, components, platforms and beyond, Kelly helps PARC partners in rapidly changing landscapes explore new possibilities and create tangible results. …. in anything from novel printing to AI, IoT, digital workspace, microsystem and sensors, digital design and manufacturing, and beyond. Previously, in various leadership roles, Kelly led business development and sales, creating strategic engagements with OEMs, ODMs, platform and silicon providers, carriers and more, fostering growth and success (i.e., while at DSPC, Powermat, Energous, TransChip, Quake and AMCC). In addition to scaling earlier stage companies, Kelly drove wireless investments and strategy for Intel Capital. Kelly earned her MSEE and BSEE from Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California.