Luke Plurkowski



Job: scientist
Luke Plurkowski considers himself an "interaction analyst," with wide-ranging expertise in sociology, ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, ethnography, video analysis, and a bit of quantitative analytic skill for good measure. His work at PARC has spanned the use of video ethnography to study sales fronts and customer-employee interactions in order to design and implement organizational change across national and global corporate organizations, to studying the organizing structures in large-group conversation in order to design and improve a shared mobile audio platform. Luke is currently focused on using interactional analysis to improve human-robot interactional capabilities in a humanoid robot and is also supporting an effort to develop and deliver work practice analysis training to consultants in a large-scale sales corporation. Luke has an MA in Sociology from San Jose State University, a CA teaching credential in Fundamentals of Mathematics, a BA in Sociology from University of California at Santa Barbara, and a PMP license from Project Management Institute. When he isn't behind the video camera following people around, he enjoys scuba diving, playing the drums, and traditional film (gasp!) photography. Luke's professional journey, and to some degree his personal one, are guided by this quote from Margaret Mead: "What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things."