Mahati Chintapalli



Job: scientist
Mahati Chintapalli is Area Manager for the Materials Interfaces and Processes group at PARC. This group focuses on innovations in materials chemistry and chemical processes to advance applications in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas mitigation, high strength and high performance materials, and sensors and devices. Core areas of expertise in the group include composite materials and resins, novel sorbents and sensors, membranes, and chemical and electrochemical processes. At PARC, Mahati has led the development of CO2 sorbents (current) and transparent polymer aerogels for energy efficient windows. She has also contributed to projects in colorimetric sensors, electrochemical gas separations, and novel additive manufacturing processes. Prior to joining PARC, Mahati worked on projects ranging from fundamental to application-driven, in a variety of materials systems including metal nanoparticle catalysts, cement formulations for additive manufacturing, carbon nanotube growth, and ceramic and metal arts. Dr. Chintapalli earned a Ph.D. and M.S. in Materials Science from UC Berkeley, and S.B. degrees in Materials Science and Physics from MIT. In her Ph.D., she studied solid polymer electrolytes for long cycle life, high energy density Li metal batteries. She earned a National Science Foundation Fellowship and has authored 18 publications in the fields of polymer electrolytes and nanoparticle surface chemistry.



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