Mahati Chintapalli



Job: scientist
Mahati Chintapalli is a researcher interested in designing nanostructured and polymer-based materials for energy applications.  In the Hardware Systems Lab at PARC, she is developing materials for transparent thermal insulation to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.  She also works on low-cost environmental sensors, and ion-selective membranes for improving the efficiency of electrochemical devices. Prior to joining PARC, Mahati studied relationships between nanostructure and ion transport in solid polymer electrolytes.  These materials have applications as dendrite-suppressing electrolytes/separators for high energy density lithium metal batteries.  Beyond polymers, she has worked on a variety of materials, including metal nanoparticles for heterogeneous catalysis, and 3D-printable ceramic molds for casting metals. Dr. Chintapalli earned a Ph.D. and M.S in Materials Science from UC Berkeley, and S.B. degrees in Materials Science and Physics from MIT.  Mahati received a National Science Foundation fellowship for her graduate studies.  She has authored 18 publications in the fields of polymer electrolytes and nanoparticle surface chemistry, and holds one patent.


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