Marc Mosko



Job: scientist

Marc Mosko is a network protocol researcher with a background in medium access control and routing protocols, especially in mobile ad hoc networks.  He is currently working on Information Centric Networks and standardization efforts for PARC’s CCNx protocol.   He was a Principle Investigator for the DARPA Fixed Wireless At A Distance program and has participated in several other DARPA programs.  Other projects at PARC include vehicular networks, TDMA mac protocols, ad hoc network time synchronization, and on-demand loop-free routing protocols.

Prior to PARC, Dr. Mosko consulted at several medium and large companies in the area of networking, email, web, and network security.  He designed and implemented several large wide area network projects for fortune 500 companies and helped build the early Pacific Telesis web site, which was recognized in 1995 for the database driven technology he implemented.  He has also consulted on the software side with projects, for example, optimizing Oracle Java web applications, implementing a secure, distributed and robust payment processing system backend, and a two-way authenticated X.509 system for background checks.

Dr. Mosko received a B.S. in Physics and a M.A. in History from U.C. Davis, followed by a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from U.C. Santa Cruz, where he studied with Prof. J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves.   Dr. Mosko has over 35 publications and over 24 granted US patents.



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